How To Soundproof Windows Block Noise From Outside 2024

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How to Soundproof Windows

To understand how to soundproof windowswe discuss it in detail. As you know, noise pollution is a major issue globally, so everyone wants a peaceful environment.

If you want to soundproof a window, you first hire a professional who can design and guide you to soundproof your windows. But if you want to save money and yourself soundproof windows, you can easily do it.

You can be made soundproof windows in your room. Use laminated glass for your windows so that neighbors’ noise like the sound of music never comes into your room through windows.

Why You Should Soundproof the Windows

When neighbors’ conversation, music, and crying of children noise come into your room, you feel uncomfortable. It feels too hectic when outside noise coming into your room.

So it is necessary to soundproof your windows because everyone wants a peaceful environment in a room or house. So through windows, air and light come, and hectic outside sounds come into the room day and night.

So it is essential to soundproof your windows, especially in this noisy environment.

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What windows are best for soundproofing?

Many companies offer many soundproofing windows, and their performance is very nice. The Glass used in windows must be thick because, through thick surfaces, sound passes easily through light materials, so thick Glass prevents passing.

Laminated Glass must be used in the windows. This Glass is very thick and proves to be very beneficial for soundproofing. Triple plan window also comes in the market, and it works very well and very helpful to block sounds.

How do you soundproof windows from traffic noise?

You soundproof your windows by filling all the gaps in the windows. Make sure that all gaps and holes must be filled with any soundproof material like a sealant. Always create a barrier between the window and the room.

You can use soundproofing curtains for windows so that outside noise does not come into your room because these curtains absorbed all the sounds and proved to be very helpful for soundproofing.

Double glazed windows are also very helpful for soundproofing.

How can I soundproof my windows cheaply?

If you want how to soundproof your windows cheaply, you first do it yourself using window foam on your windows.

You also apply an acoustic foam sheet on the window. It is very helpful to absorb all the sounds which come into your room. You can also install storm windows in your room.

You can also use soundproofing curtains for your window; these are the cheapest way that we do itself to soundproof your windows. You can use soundproofing shutters. It is also very helpful in the soundproofing of windows.

Soundproof Window Specifications

When you want to soundproof your windows, you must know what type of glasses is used in windows. First of all, we choose those specific glasses which are thick and they must be double framed.

A single framed window has minimum specifications. A double frame has a maximum specification. Glass of the window must be thicked because sound cannot easily pass through thick surfaces.

Openable vs. Fixed Windows

Openable windows are those windows that are easily openable. You can easily open and close the window. These windows have smaller frames.

Fixed windows are those windows that are not easily openable. These windows never open or close easily. Fixed windows are cheaper than opened windows.  All are available in the market at affordable prices.

Whats is STC ratings for windows

STC rating is used to measure the ability of windows for noise reduction. STC rating varies with windows. STC rating of a single panned window is different from double pane windows.

STC rating of the single panned window is 28-30, while in the dual pane window, the STC rating is 28-32. Windows that have high STC ratings are better than other windows.

How to Soundproof Existing Windows

If we want how to soundproof our existing window, you first determine that your window blocks how much sound leaks. Then according to its STC rating, soundproof your existing window.

You must know sure about that if your existing wall has some holes or gaps which leak sounds. Then firstly, fill all the holes and gaps in your window. You can always use soundproofing material like a sealant. You can also use caulk to seal any gap or hole in the windows.

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22 Ways to soundproof windows for homes

1. Install window inserts.

Suppose you are living near noisy places, for example, factories or near any school. And if you are worried about the reduction in noise problems of your neighbors. Because noise when coming into your room when you are resting, it feels too hectic.

You can install soundproofing window inserts in your room. Soundproof inserts are very beneficial to block sounds in your room. These inserts absorb all the sounds from outside. You install these inserts from any professional because their impact is not good if they are inserted wrong.

2. Seal gaps along with windows with acoustic caulk.

When gaps and holes are present in the window, outside noise easily comes in and out of your room. So when you start working on the soundproofing of your room’s windows, you must ensure sure that the gaps and holes in the window must be sealed.

You can use soundproofing material like acoustic caulk to seal the gaps—acoustic caulk helps block the sound control into the room. There are gaps along with the window never being open if these are sealed by acoustic caulking gun.

3. Build and Install Window Plugs

Window plugs are too necessary for how to soundproof windows. Good plugs proved to be very helpful in blocking the sounds. It would help if you used soundproof window plug in windows. A heavy mass of plugs is very important in windows—more mass of plugs results in to decrease in the noise.

Window plugs are removable inserts present in the opening of windows, which help prevent noise or light into the room. You can use high-density plugs along with the windows because sound cannot pass easily through high-density material.

4. Hang sound-dampening curtains

To understand how to soundproof windowsthen soundproofing curtains is sound absorbers. The soundproofing curtains absorb all the sounds or noise that comes in and out of your room. Soundproofing curtains easily maintain the echo and vibration of the room.

Sound damping curtains are too thick and prove to be very beneficial to block the sound. You can use those curtains which are made of coarse cloth like velvet. Thick curtains are too much helpful to reduce sounds that come in and out of the room.

5. Cover the Windows with Soundproof Blankets

Soundproofing blankets are also very beneficial to block sounds in the room. We can use soundproofing blankets in the place of expensive acoustic foams. It is too cheap to soundproof your windows by yourself.

When you choose the blanket for your room, you sure that the blanket must be thick and made of high-quality coarse cloth.

When a soundproof blanket is used in a room, it can absorb echoes or vibrations in the room and prove to be very helpful to block the sounds that come in and out of the room.

6. Exterior shutters for windows

To understand how to soundproof windows exterior wall shutter is added to your room for soundproofing because it looks very stylish in your room and proves to be very beneficial to block sounds. You can use a fixed and proper shutter for your window. You must know sure that the length of the window is matchable to your shutter to block Exterior noise.

When you put shutters for windows, you must know that there is always one space between windows. Vinyl made shutters are too good for soundproofing of windows.

7. Interior shutters for windows

Very beautiful and stylish interior shutters of your windows come in the marketplace. You can easily buy these shutters for your windows at affordable prices. It looks very stylish in your room.

You must know that the interior shutters you use for windows in your room must be manufactured from polyvinyl chloride because this is the best material used for many household shutters.

Wood made shutters are also very beneficial, preventing sound transmission from coming in and out of the room.

8. Interior Acrylic or Glass Sheet

The acrylic glass sheet is too much beneficial for how to soundproof windowsYou can apply a glass sheet on windows by itself. This glass sheet block not only sound reduction but also too much beneficial for light passing into your room.

Due to soundproofing walls and windows, too much heat is produced in the room, you feel too suffocated. So this acrylic sheet loses all the heat from the room, and the ventilation process also maintains. Due to soundproofing, you face too much problem of ventilation.

9. Use Acoustic Panels for Window

Acoustic Panels for Window is very good in how to soundproof your windows. Always use the acoustic panel for windows because acoustic panels are sound absorbers. The acoustic panel maintains all the echoes and vibrations in the room. And it is very beneficial to block the sounds or noise.

You must know that the panel you used in the window must be thick and consist of heavy mass—more mass in a panel, more noise reduction in the room. Acoustic foam is also used on the window triple pane to reduce sounds.

 10. Window Soundproofing Film

Soundproofing films are also the best method to understand how to soundproof your windows. Soundproofing films are too beneficial to block sounds that come in and out of your room or apartment. Acoustic window films are too much helpful for soundproofing. These films prevent unwanted traffic noise from entering your room.

Soundproofing film must be made from acoustic foam that helps absorb all the sounds and maintain all the room’s vibrations. So that in this manner soundproofing films for windows demands increases day by day.

11. Install double-cell shades

Many double cell shades are available in the market that is very helpful in how to soundproof windows. You can easily buy double cell shades at affordable prices. These shades provide high-quality performance.

You can apply these double cell shades on your windows by itself. You make sure that shades’ sizes are according to the window size so that shades work better. If we use the wrong size shades, then it cannot give good results.

12. Window Frame

When you start working on soundproof windows, you make sure that the window frame is also very important. The window frame covers the whole window. The window frame must be according to the window size and width.

Acoustic window frames now available in the market. These frames are used as sound deadening absorber frames because they can maintain all the echoes of the room. Wood made thick frames also used in windows that provide good results for soundproofing.

13. Glass Quality

Glass quality matters a lot in how to soundproof windows. If the Glass is thin, then sound easily passes from the Glass, and your room becomes noisy. If the Glass is thick, then a sound cannot pass easily due to the high-density material. Thick Glass prevents sounds from entering the room.

The Glass must be thickly layered and manufactured from high-quality material. Glass quality always depends on the material. So always buy high-quality material glass for windows. It is very good for the soundproofing of the windows.

14. Number of Panes

The number of pans matters a lot. Two large pans for the windows are very beneficial to block sounds or unwanted noise. You make sure that a specific gap is present between them, and it is very important for soundproofing.

Laminated glass pans with a small gap are used for the soundproofing of windows. It matters a lot because of this gap; it can easily maintain all the room vibrations.

15. Double Glazing Window

A double glazing window is too much necessary in soundproofing. The material that is used in the double glazed windows is low emissivity glass. This Glass is used for the reduction of heat in the room. As you know, due to soundproofing walls and windows too much heat is produced.

Double glazing windows prove to be very beneficial for the soundproofing of windows. It is not too expensive and easily available in the market at affordable prices. So you can easily apply a double glazing window in your room.

16. Build a Window Plug

Window plugs are removable inserts present in the opening of windows, which help prevent noise level or light into the room. You can use high-density plugs along with the windows because the sound wave cannot pass easily through high-density material.

Through a soundproofing window, plug sound waves cannot pass easily into the room and absorb all the room’s sounds. It proves to be very helpful in the maintenance of echo in the room. So we must install window plugs in windows while soundproofing.

17. Seal the Air Gaps

If you do all soundproofing requirements but still listen to extreme noise in your room, check out gaps in the windows. Through these gaps, sound easily comes in and out of your room.

So you have to point out those areas where gaps are present. A large gap allows more sound to pass. So you seal these gaps with some soundproof materials like sealant or any soundproof fabric tape. If you use soundproof material to seal the gap, it can block the sounds.

18. Add Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing curtains now easily available in the market, and we can easily buy and install these curtains along with windows in the room. Soundproofing curtains are manufactured from coarse cloth.

Because of the thickness of these curtains, outside noise cannot pass easily into the room. These curtains act as a barrier between room and window. Soundproof curtains are very beneficial to block the sounds. These curtains also maintain all the echoes and vibrations in the room.

19. Install a Quilted Fiberglass Panel

As we know, sound cannot pass easily through dense material. So if you feel that the curtains you hang along the windows are thin and cannot block the sounds that come in and out of the room, you can use a quilted fiberglass panel.

The fiberglass panel is very beneficial for soundproofing. This panel is easy to install in the room.  It also helps in the maintenance of all vibrations in the room. Its thickness is good than other curtains. It is available in the market at affordable prices.

20. Add Storm Windows

While how to soundproof windows if you install single panned windows in your room then replace it. Because single pane windows are not good to block sounds easily, use storm windows that are too thick and dense.

Storm windows in your room maintain all the echo and vibrations. Storm windows now easily install in the room and look very stylish in the room. It is very nice for the soundproofing of the windows due to its thickness.

21. Add An Extra Layer Over the Glass

If you want how to soundproof windows cheaply and have single-paned windows in your room, and you don’t want to replace them with storm windows, which are a little costly, you can add an extra layer to the Glass of your single panned windows.

This extra layer of Glass makes the window thick. It looks very nice, and it is not too much effective as compared to storm wine bit. If you want to soundproof your single panned windows, then it is a proficient method, and it is very beneficial to block the sounds which come from outside.

22. Block the Window with Furniture

If you want how to soundproof windows at a low cost, rearrange your window so that you can arrange furniture in front of the window. Due to this, when outside come into the room, then furniture becomes a barrier between them.

Arrangement of furniture matters a lot. Sounds cannot pass easily from furniture due to high density. You can easily block sounds from outside into the room by setting furniture in the room.

Common Questions on Soundproofing a Window

Can you soundproof existing Windows without replacing them?

Ans: Yes, you can easily soundproof your existing windows by hanging soundproof curtains and an extra layer of fiberglass sheet on your window. These are too beneficial for the soundproofing of windows.

How Do Soundproofing Windows Work?

Ans: Everyone feels uncomfortable when outside noise comes into the room. So it would be best if you soundproofed your windows for your comfort. Soundproofing windows prove beneficial to create peace in your room and prevent you from hectic outside noise.

How to Get Started With DIY Window Soundproofing?

Ans: When we started with DIY window soundproofing, you need to seal all the gaps and holes in the window. It would be helpful if you sealed all the gaps with sealant. Insulation is too much necessary for the soundproofing of windows.

How to Soundproof Windows to Reduce Distracting Noise?

Ans: When we come into the room and want a peaceful environment, but if any outside noise distracts us, we want soundproofing windows where sound cannot pass easily into the room.

How Much Do Soundproofing Windows Cost?

Ans: Soundproofing windows are not too costly, but some are costly in which a lot of features present. Cost depends on the features of soundproofing windows.

Are Soundproof Windows Also Energy-Efficient?

Ans: Yes, soundproofing is too much energy efficient. It not only helps in blocking sounds but also maintain all the echo and vibrations in the room.

Why Soundproof Windows and Sliding Glass Doors?

Ans: Soundproofing windows are made from acoustic material that is too beneficial to block the sounds. Soundproofing windows are also double panned, and it proves to be very good for soundproofing. You can replace your single panned windows with double panned windows.


We studied in detail that how to soundproof windowsWe conclude we can easily soundproof our windows for our comfort with those materials that can easily available in our homes and market at affordable prices.

It’s a big need to soundproof windows in this noisy world. Everyone wants a peaceful environment in the room, so the soundproofing window is now a basic need for Everyone.