How To Soundproof A Wall Cheaply [2021]
Soundproof A Wall

Today I want to share with you How to soundproof a wall cheaply, we discussed it in detail. Everyone faces a problem that sounds coming through the walls to outside. In-office or an apartment when sound comes through the walls and becomes a source of noise it becomes hectic.

Some people spend a lot of cost on soundproofing, but some spend little money to block sounds and get good results. There are some ways which are very helpful for the soundproofing of walls.

Firstly you determine the frequency of sound you want to control. It is high, medium, or low. You determine the kind of impact noise which comes outside. Choose the products and materials which are soundproof on the walls of the rooms.

Decoupling of walls is also very necessary when you work on the soundproofing of walls. Always make solid core doors in your rooms; it is beneficial to block the sound.

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How to Soundproof A Wall Cheaply

As we know that budget-friendly soundproofing a wall looks like an impossible task, but it is not too tricky in this modern world.  Some necessary materials you can use which are easily find in your house for soundproofing. Add some dense mass to the walls; for example, you can use moving blankets in the room.

And you can use soundproof paints on the walls it is a very effective way to block out sounds. You can use strips under the doors if you have got any space underneath the door.

You can also fill this crack with a soundproofing sealant. It would help if you took care of the small areas in the walls from where the sound is escaping outside.

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Why Do You Need to Soundproofing Walls?

Everyone wants peace in their own house. So we have to soundproof our walls because we need quietness in the house so that any other people who are outside the room not bother the airborne noise transfer in the whole house if we play sound in one room.

Soundproof walls in houses or rooms provide a lot of conveniences. We need soundproofing walls of rooms so that our neighbors can’t listen to the conversation noise that feels too awkward for us. You can use soundproofing material or products in your room, and it gives you better results, and you feel comfortable if you play any sound in your room.

Main Principles of Soundproofing Walls

There are some basic principles that help us to find how to soundproof a wall cheaply, and these are proved to be very beneficial. Some are the following:

First of all, the basic principle of soundproofing is Mass. Sound depends on Mass. As you know, that sound passes harder through heavy things. While sound quickly passes from lighter things. You are just adding layers on walls of wood that are very beneficial for the soundproofing of walls.

Another principle is you must install insulation in a wall. Due to the insulation of walls, there is a balance of resonance in the room at low frequency. It helps to absorb all the sounds in the room. The last principle for soundproofing is conduction. It lowers the vibration of sound in the room. It plays a crucial role in soundproofing.

soundproofing walls

How To Soundproof a Wall: Step by Step Guide

  1. What you’ll need before you start
  2. Finding the source of the sound
  3. Acoustic Fabric Panels for Walls
  4. Hang Some Soundproof Curtains Along Your Walls
  5. Soundproof While You Decorate Your Walls
  6. Focus On the Weak points in your walls
  7. Install Soundproof Foam Panels
  8. Take Care of “ Big Holes ” in Walls
  9. Switch Things up by Rearranging the Furniture
  10. Easy-To-Install Soundproof Materials for Walls
  11. Soundproof Blanket for Air Vents
  12. Cheap way to Block wall Doors gap for reducing noise
  13. Use Weatherstrip to Seal Cracks on Wooden Walls Cracks
  14. Green Glue
  15. Auralex’s RC-8 Resilient Channel

Different steps which tell how to soundproof the walls of our rooms. These steps are given below:

1. What you’ll need before you start

First of all when we need to start work on the soundproofing of walls in our room then first we need to determine what type of sound come outside through walls and keep in mind the budget related to your project.

You want to soundproof your walls cheaply then you use those materials or products that are easily found in-home or readily available in the market at a low price. You must use soundproof material or products for your room; it is conducive for noise reduction in your room.

When you start working on your room for soundproofing, make sure that all holes in your room be sealed, and the areas in the walls also filled up.

2. Finding the source of the sound

Many times we don’t know where the sound comes in the room that is the biggest problem. Firstly we determine the source of sound in the room.

You walk in your room and check out any leaks in the rooms and also edges in the room to determine the place sound leak out from your room. Check that if your door is hollow-core, then most of the sounds leak out through your door to outside.

It is beneficial if you replaced your door seal with a solid core. Check the windows of your room if these are not adequately closed then sound also leaks out through them. Make the window glasses thick so that no chance of sound leakage occurs.

3. Acoustic Fabric Panels for Walls

Installation of acoustic fabric panels is the how to soundproof a wall cheaply. It is a little costly but readily available in the market at affordable prices. Its quality is very high.

It is made from high-quality wooden wall products which are very helpful in blocking sounds. The wood which is used in the manufacturing of these panels is very fragrant. Acoustic fabric panels are moisture-proof and also fireproof.

It is very to install, and these panels are easily adjustable in your room. These acoustic panels are too thick so that no sound leaks out from your room. These panels are also maintained your room environment easily.

4. Hang Some Soundproof Curtains Along Your Walls

Hang soundproof curtains is the how to soundproof a wall cheaply.  If you determine that your noise leaks out from your room, then it is the easiest way to hangout soundproof curtains along the walls of your room.

Make sure that the cloth used in the curtains ard too thick so that when you hang up curtains in your room, it easily maintains the echo of the room and prove to be helpful for noise reduction.

If you listen to any noise which comes from outside through windows, then you hang up soundproof curtains in your room. These are very helpful and reduce the noise, and it becomes a barrier between the window and room.

5. Soundproof While You Decorate Your Walls

While you are decorating your room, then firstly you make sure that your walls must be soundproof so that you can’t feel uncomfortable when any outside sound comes into your room.

Add some furniture in your room that the echo of the room must be maintained. Because when the room is empty, the more echo is produced.

You hang any artwork along your walls. If you have no artwork then decorated quilts are also very beneficial for soundproofing. You can also use wallpaper that is too thick along walls that are too beneficial for soundproofing.

6. Focus On the Weak points in your walls

It is essential to determine the weak points of the walls of your room. Firstly take a round of room and understand what those points from noise come in and out.

When you determine it points out these weak points with pencil and fills these holes and areas with some soundproof materials.

You seal these areas with barrier tape. And you also fill these areas with a soundproof acoustic sealant which is very beneficial for soundproofing of walls.

7. Install Soundproof Foam Panels

One how to soundproof a wall cheaply is the installation of soundproofing foam panels. Acoustic foam panels are the best foam panels that are used for noise reduction in the room.

Do not install the foam panels in your room with spray. Always install those foam panels that do not need any type of adhesive spray which have thick cardboard. When you install these foam panels in your room, make sure that room temperature should be 210C.

8. Take Care of “ Big Holes ” in Walls

If you want to soundproof your walls cheaply and you don’t want to waste your time then take care of big holes in your walls of the room is too much necessary. Due to holes noise leaks out from your room and outside noise also comes in your room, it is hectic.

Determine where are the holes in your room? If these holes are in walls, then point out these areas and fill it with some material like sealant and other soundproofing material. They are adding layers of wood-made products in walls so that no chance of sound leakage occurs in your room.

9. Switch Things up by Rearranging the Furniture

Rearranging furniture is the how to soundproof a wall cheaply. We can use some soundproof furniture in our room for noise reduction. We can use chairs and sofas in our room, which built up from high-quality fiber like microfiber.

We can throw pillows on our bed and sofas for maintaining the echo of the room. We use soundproofing curtains along with windows so that unwanted noise never come in the room. We also use thick carpets in our room for better results.

10. Easy-To-Install Soundproof Materials for Walls

We use those materials in materials in the walls of the room which have high density because we know that sound not quickly passes from high-density materials.

So the best material that is easy to install in our room and provide good result is Mass loaded soundproofing barrier mat. It is too good for the soundproofing of walls, and it adjusts all the sounds and vibrations in your room and prevent outside noise comes into your room.

11. Soundproof Blanket for Air Vents

As you know that air vents quickly noise transmission from outside to your room, then it is indispensable to solve this problem. We use heavy soundproof blankets for air vents. We make sure that the blankets are too thick so that no noise passes through air vents to outside.

Always use those blankets in your room which are Wall soundproofing, and it proves to be beneficial for you.

12. Cheap way to Block wall Doors gap for reducing noise

The cheap way is to block noise through door gaps is when you determine that any crack held underneath the door then fill this crack with insulated sealant. You can seal this gap with any barrier tape.

Soundproofing ceiling is also a very beneficial way. You can use soundproofing curtains in your room if any gap is present in your room then soundproofing curtains maintain the echo of the room. But these curtains must be thick.

13. Use Weatherstrip to Seal Cracks on Wooden Walls Cracks

Usage of weatherstrip is also how to soundproof a wall cheaplySometimes gaps are present underneath the doors; it is not a significant issue, but it becomes a source of leaking sound in and out. So you use weatherstrip to seal these gaps and cracks.

First of all, clean the place then apply the weatherstrip on the crack. Make sure the size of the crack. Always adjust the size of the weatherstrip according to the crack of the doors. These weatherstrips proved to be very useful for soundproofing of walls in the room.

14. Green Glue noise proofing compound

Want to prevent glass walls or other small objects from transferring sound? Want to keep your chat private inside a glass-walled office? Green glue will be a perfect choice to prevent sound waves from going outside the walls.

Green glue is specially designed to muffle the sound waves which come near it. It absorbs and condenses 50% of the sound insulation in it. These soundproofing materials can be used on glass walls or any borders, on floors, and ceilings of houses or offices.

15. Auralex’s RC-8 Resilient Channel

The auralex’s RC-8 resilient channel works more efficiently when the dual layer of drywall different thicknesses are used on the drywall layer with the Auralex’s SheetBlock in between. The sound muffles frequency doubles due to thick layers, and the sound transmission works more proficiently.

How Do You Soundproof An existing walls?

The how to soundproof a wall which is existing is firstly you seal all the holes and gaps in the wall with some soundproof material. Then you clean the dirt and debris on the existing wall then built up another wall on it, and you must use soundproofing material or products.

When you built a wall on the existing wall, then insulation hole must be built and specific equipment held in it. And soundproofing foam layers also added on the existing wall. So these layers proved to be very beneficial for soundproofing of an existing wall.

How do you soundproof interior wall?

You soundproof your interior wall without changing the overall setup of the room if interior walls of the rooms have holes then the outside noise coming in the room that proves to be too uncomfortable.

So you soundproof your interior wall quickly, first of all, you remove all the hangings along with walls then determine that where any hole or gap held then point out these areas. When you determine the points, then sealed it. Seal all the gaps and fill all the holes with some soundproof material like an acoustic sealant.

Is soundproofing expensive?

No, Soundproofing is not expensive. Many noise reductive machines come in the market for soundproofing but all these tools are an expensive option and not too much good. So, we use those materials that easily find in our homes and they are also cheap and give us excellent noise reductive results.

An inexpensive way to soundproof an apartment wall

There are many inexpensive ways to soundproof an apartment. Firstly if your apartment floor is made up of hard surfaces, then you can use heavy carpets in your room floor. It absorbs all the sound in the room and proves to be very helpful for soundproofing.

You can also install an acoustic caulk panel in your apartment. It is also very beneficial for the soundproofing of walls. Put a bookcase in your apartment. It not only looks good in your apartment but also it prevents from noise.

Additional Tips for Soundproofing on Low Budget

There are many additional tips which tell us the how to soundproof a wall cheaply. Some are the following:

Rearrange the furniture in your time you put furniture against the walls so that sound cannot quickly pass. Always hang some artwork with walls. Soundproofing curtains must be used in the room.

Place a thick rug or carpet on the floor of the room. The sofas and chairs which are used in the room must be manufactured from the right fabric.

Always use a blanket in a room; it absorbs sound and helps in the maintenance of echo in the room.

How to Soundproof Thin Apartment Walls for Cheap

We have a lot of ways which make our apartment soundproof. We can install an acoustic panel in our room. It is beneficial to reduce noise. We can use heavy carpets on the floor or soundproofing.

 We can use soundproof paints on the walls it is very beneficial and prevents sound from coming in and out of the room. Now in this modern world, we can buy a noise-reducing machine if we want a faster solution.

Are there any downsides to soundproofing a wall?

As you that when we soundproof our rooms, then we add some mass and other high-density materials in our room that make the room warmer. And when we use soundproofing tools in our rooms or apartment, then it is the most significant source of sound pollution.

The biggest problem of soundproofing the walls of the room is the lack of ventilation. So it affects your health. So you should open windows after sometimes for ventilation of the room.

The Myths & What You Can Realistically Do

Myths: Do you have to soundproof an empty room?

I have to soundproof an empty room, so I put some heavy carpets and put some furniture in the room like chairs and sofas. Adding furniture maintain echo of the room and it prevents noise because we know that in the empty room too much vibration produced.

What we realistically do?

If you disturbed with your neighbor’s notice, then you can tackle them with kindness and understand them in a kindly and respectable manner. You can also buy any reductive noise machine because we know that full silence is not possible so you can use any machine that is helpful for you.

The cheap way to soundproof a wall

The cheapest way to the soundproof wall of the room is you can use heavy curtains and carpets. Make sure they are manufactured from high-quality fabric, and it should be thick. When you use heavy carpets on the floor, it not only provides a lot of conveniences but also helpful for the absorption of sound.

Curtains must be thinking, and you hang it on the front of windows so that outside noise never come into the room quickly because curtains work as a barrier between noise and room.

Factors Determining the Level of Noise Through Your Wall

Two main factors determine the noise through our wall:

1. Distance: We know that distance matters a lot. Noise depends on the distance between the listener. If any noise comes from near then, it sounds more. If the noise comes from some distant place, then it sounds less.

2. Source: To determine the noise level, we must know what the source which creates noise is. Firstly we determine the places from noise come. Then we can easily find the level of noise through our walls of rooms.

Types of Building Noise to Consider

To determine the how to soundproof a wall cheaply, we must understand that from where the noise came. There are two types of building noise which are following;

1. Airborne noise: These type of noise comes from television and radios. And other common noise which held at home. We can handle it by using heavy carpets on the floor. It absorbs all the familiar sounds.

2. Impact noise: Impact noise is those type of noise which comes when energy passes and convert into sound when hit with some structure. For example, the noise of heavy footsteps, opening doors noise, furniture scraping noises loud music noises. These noises produce vibrations and become a source of hectic noise.

Recommended Wall Soundproofing Methods

There are a lot of recommended methods that are helpful to find how to soundproof a wall cheaply. Firstly we can add some high-density mass in the room it absorbs all the sound which comes from outside.

We can use cotton bats they not only soundproof but also they absorb all the noise in itself and maintain all the vibrations of the room that proves to be very beneficial for soundproofing.

The most effective method that comes in the market is the isolation of walls of the room. Isolation system is easy to install in the walls and increase the strength of the walls.

You can use double layers of wood on the wall so that the noise reduction level decreases.


How can I soundproof my bedroom walls?

Ans: You soundproof your bedroom wall by covering it with thick blankets, heavy quilts and adding some furniture which is looking good in your room. Use pillows on your bed and sofas. It proved to be helpful to block the sound.

Soundproofing or Sound Absorption – What’s the Difference?

Ans: The significant difference between soundproofing and sound absorption is soundproofing is used to block the sound which comes in and out. While Sound absorption means you use any sound absorbent materials in the room which absorb all the sound.

Does Soundproofing Work For Noisy Neighbors?

Ans: Yes, soundproofing is too much help if you are uncomfortable with your neighbor’s noise. You can add high-density material in your room and install acoustic foam that is too helpful and prevent you from your neighbor’s noise.

How to soundproof an apartment wall against voices?

Ans: You can soundproof your apartment wall by rearranging furniture against the wall. Due to furniture, sound cannot pass easily so that outside noise never come into the room quickly.

How effective is to soundproof a room by using egg cartons?

Ans: Egg cartoons look like eggs. It reduces noise by absorbing. It absorbs all the sound waves and vibrations that come from outside so that it proves to be very helpful for noise reduction.

What is a cheap/affordable way to soundproof my room?

Ans: The cheapest way to reduce noise in the room is you can use soundproofing curtains in your room. It maintains the echo of the room and also absorbs all the sound.

How to Soundproof an apartment wall: 6 Affordable Ways!

  • Use weather stripping to seal the gaps
  • Soundproofing curtains
  • Soundproofing blankets
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Thick Rags on floor
  • Installation of acoustic panel foams
  • Egg cartoons installation

Conclusion of soundproof a wall

To find how to soundproof a wall cheaply we conclude that there are too many practical ways that help us to soundproof our walls cheaply.

These are not too effective as like other expensive products that reduce noise in the market. But these proficient ways resolve our too many issues, and we easily cheaply soundproof our room.

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