How to Fix Toilet Bubbles When Flushed 2024

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What does a gurgling toilet mean? Some sounds are very natural but could be a reason for an awkward situation. Toilet gurgling sound is one of them. This type of sound is produced either from the toilet bowl or sometimes happens due to air getting out backward because of blockages. Don’t worry, you don’t need any plumber to fix this issue. let’s check below how to fix toilet bubbles when flushed.

A bit weird, but this rumbling sound is something like the plumbing system has any problem and wants your help. Toilet bubbles and gurgles when flushed occur randomly or after your flush.

toilet gurgles end of flush
toilet gurgles end of flush

The main reason of Gurgles and Bubbles toilet

An excellent asking question why does our toilet bubbles when flushed? It seems like the toilet is crying. If your toilet bubbles/gurgles, that means you have a problem either in your venting system or your drain system. When the water is pushing air out in your toilet or your laboratory sink, maybe it begins trapped in the system.

It produces a flawed venting system or an inadequate sewer system; that’s why it is always gurgling or flush. Maybe a plugin your drain line so when the water goes down your drain system, the air has no option except coming out through the toilet, so it gurgles in the trap. ( Toilet burps big bubble when flushed ) ( Toilet bubbling end of flush )

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What to do if your toilet gurgles at the end of a flush

Suppose a gurgling noise is coming from the toilet once it has been flushed. It is a sign that the toilet vent pipe is partially clogged. Unbelievable but true that you can quickly solve this problem without the help of a plumber.

What! Is this possible? YES, it is possible. Plunge the toilet after sealing off the bathroom fixtures such as tubs, sinks, and shower.

If the problem is in the drain line, then simple plunging can create enough pressure to remove light to the moderate barrier. This is the easiest way to solve toilet gurgles when flushed.

Could hearing a toilet making noise when not in use

Though toilet making noise is very awkward most of the time, hearing this type of noise at the end of the flush is not a reason for our big concern. If the problem could not exactly figure out, sometimes cameras send down the vent stack and waste pipe to identify the exact cause. If the whole plumbing system is corrupted, then it might be the worst case. If you live in a multi-stored building, then all other dwellers may be dealing with the same problem.

Why your toilet gurgles at the end of a flush and how to fix it?

It should be expected that my toilet will listen to my instruction without complaint. I don’t think it’s an excess request. But a blocked toilet complains by creating toilet bubbles or rumbles. If you also have this common problem, then here I’m trying to mention some of the basic reasons briefly.

  • If the toilet pipe clogs
  • If air trapped in the plumbing.
  • If air trapped in the plumbing.
  • If the tank fill system has a fault.
  • Sediment buildup in the tank.
  • If the vent stack is clogged.

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How to fix toilet bubbles when flushed

Now the big question is toilet hissing – How to fight the problem? If the blockage is only in your toilet drain, you can solve it yourself using a rubber plunger. But if the entire system is collapsed, it would be better to take help from a professional hand. However, you are advised to remove the main sewer, but it would be a bad idea because lots of waste are stacking up inside the main drain line under pressure.

Set the plunge in the toilet bowl hole tightly. Create a suction by up and down the descent continuously. Then wait for 10-15 minutes weather the sound happen again. below in this article to share with you How to fix toilet bubbles/gurgles when flushed.

How to stop your toilet from grumbling

Here we will discuss that- How you can stop your toilet bubbes when flushed? We will also give some tips to try before thinking about calling a plumber. So let’s get into the main topic.

1. Use a sewer snake

Sewer snake’s other name is toilet auger. It is one of the most effective materials. This product is used to remove tough clogs trapped in the pipeline. Most of them have a blade at their beginning. This blade helps to cut the toughest clogs. It could be either manual or mechanized, but both work well.

2. Plunge the toilet

We are well known about this method. You need to mark all the nearby showers, sinks, and tubs in this process. To avoid leakage, seal the drains with duct tape. Maybe a question arises in your mind that Why do so? Because of creating enough pressure to dislodge the blockage, which is why your toilet bubbles when flush. Then set the plunge in the toilet bowl hole tightly. Create a suction by up and down the descent ten times continuously so that the trapped air or jam has no option rather than coming out. Then wait for 10–15-minute weather the sound happens again.

3. Check the vent pipe

If you desire to do a DIY and if you don’t have acrophobia, you can try this out. This method needs some appropriate tools such as a garden hose, a little flashlight, a thin rope, air compressor, and a ladder, and of course, a helping hand to hold the ladder.

Now you are probably thinking about how to do the DIY. Okay, you need to fasten the flashlight with the rope tightly, then let it down carefully into the pipe and check if there is any clog. If the clog is found in deep, then use the garden hose. Use it with the full force of water so that the clog gets down and out through the sewer. And if the clog is not so deep, use a hook to pull it out. Hope if you follow this process you can reduce your toile gurgle when flushed.

4. Call the plumber

It is good to do it yourself with universal replacement kits, but if you cannot handle the problem better, it would be better to call a plumber. As the plumber is a professional person, they can quickly identify the problem and take the necessary steps. They also have every required tool.

5. Air pockets in the plumbing

You may already understand that trapped air plays a pivotal role in the present plumbing system. From this above discussion, we are just trying to find a solution to prevent it from getting up from the sewer.

Thankfully, solving this kind of plumbing issue doesn’t require hiring a professional plumber unless you mass up, anyway. Following some simple steps, you can bleed out all annoying air bubbles.

Step-1: At first, you must trace your house’s primary water supply valve. And turn it off completely.
Step-2: Open every facet of your house with water connection, even including the washer and dishwasher. Don’t forget to flush all the water in your toilet.

Step-3: This one is the final step. When all the faucets are turned on, turn on your main water supply. Make sure all the taps ran for about 15-20 minutes. And you do not hear any disturbing noise anymore.

6. Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Plunger

Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Plunger
Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Plunger

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A toilet plunger is a decent rubber cup with a stick that is used to unclog toilets. A toilet plunger will unclog a toilet 90% of the time. There are 2 different types of plungers. One is the flat-faced type, and another is the bell-shaped type.
If you don’t need to call in a plumber every time you have a clogged toilet. A suitable toilet plunger costs about 20 dollars, while a plumber would charge you a minimum of 100 dollars.

7. Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Auger

Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Auger
Unclog The Toilet Using A Toilet Auger

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If you decide to use a toilet auger, and you have tried using a plunger with little or no success. A toilet plunger can unclog a toilet 90% of the time but an auger will only remove some clogs.

A toilet auger known as a closet auger or a plumbing snake is a 3 to 6 feet long flexible cable with a coiled hooked head and a cranking handle used to unclog toilets. It works by pulling out the clog or breaking it into smaller pieces which can easily flow down the drain.

Get your plumbing toolbox and prepare for a big cleanup

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Suppose you are too much stubborn to do the plumbing project yourself. Then no worry about its deepness. You have to manage a few things with you-

  • Rubber plunger
  • Drain Snake
  • Chemical drain cleaner
  • A toilet brush and bleach

Once you find out the reason for the toilet gurgles when flushed, you may need some items more. Such as probably may you need to replace the water inlet or some parts of the flushing system inside the flush box.
However, as we are working with water, you should keep aside some towels or rags, just in case. A duct tape may also need to seal off the drains before the toilet plunging. For sealing the drain line, you can also use more plungers.

Call the plumber if your toilet gurgles despite these best efforts

Despite giving these best efforts, if there are still your toilet gurgles when flush happens, it would probably be better to call a plumber.

Plumber means the professional hand. So, they have all the professional equipment. Such as mini-cameras to see inside the vent stacks and powerful sewer augers. There is little chance that your main sewer line has broken or fall. In this case, professional repairs could be compulsory.

Simple tips to fix a slow draining toilet

Is your toilet taking a long time to drain once you flash? Are you fully become irritated facing this problem? Then maybe you have come to the right place. Here I’m going to disclose the steps that will assist you without calling a plumber.

Some common cause for the slow draining problem and how to fix them

1. Mineral deposits in the toilet tank

As most of the toilet tanks made of plastic and metal, so there has a common tends to sediment build-up or iron-orange fur inside the tank. This mineral growth affects the slander valve and makes a watertight seal. It happens until someone flushes the toilet. The mineral deposit creates a barrier from working properly. But really replacing these parts are not too much expensive and by doing such you can solve the toilet gurgles when flushed.

2. Clogs in the pipe

When a toilet works slow to drain as it flushed, it might have an obstacle in the line that is preventing water from flowing properly. Using a plunger is the best tool to dislodge the clog in the toilet drain. It is a very easy well-known method.

3. Toilet flush mechanism

Sometimes the toilet flushing system doesn’t work correctly. There could be a problem in the internal mechanism, especially the flapper or the flapper’s chain. If the chain is broken, tangled, or the flapper is loose, then any of these reasons might cause a slow draining toilet. If you are suffering for this, look if the chain is tangled or broken. Untangle the chain so that it can work correctly.

4. How to fix shaking water pipes

There could be many reasons that a pipe could vibrate randomly: such as High water pressure, loose line.

If the problem is for loose pipe, I will suggest you attach wood framing with pipe clips. You can do this by accessing the pipeline with an access panel or open area where the pipe is uncovered. In this way, you can do the process without cutting the wall.

Indoor water pressure should be 40-60 (PSI). If the high water pressure is the reason for your shaking water pipe, then you can add a pressure reducing valve with the main incoming line.

5. Remove the calcifying element

After solving some other things if your toilet is still gurgling and bubbling, there must have other problems in your toilet tank. First, you need to check this out.

So, open your toilet tank and try to understand the inside condition. Notice the interior wall color and also the watercolor. Are there any changes? Are both the wall and watercolour seeming reddish? Then you are facing calcifying element or can be said sediment buildup.

This sign is not a good signal. The sediment buildup problem’s growth rate is faster and could finally block the water from entering the tank. Again, it can produce a gurgling noise when you fill the tank.

You can quickly fix this problem by yourself. Just put a brush and bleach then clean the tank properly. By doing this, the bacteria the minerals will break down.

How to fix toilet bubbles when flushed

Though air bubbles are not a significant issue to worry about, it becomes our concern when it becomes the reason for some unwanted problem. Now if you want to get rid of the air bubbles inside the toilet tank, then you have to flush the toilet multiple times a day. As water flushes, these silly bubbles will disclose to air.

1. Toilet blocked and blowing bubbles – Vent stack

A clogged vent stack might be the reason for a bubbling toilet. The vent stack allows the flashed water from the bathroom. Vent stack also prevents disgusting smell back in our bathroom. To stop the toilet blowing bubble first, you have to check the vent stack if there are any clogs like birds-nest, branches, leaves. Suppose, find something like then clear that by hand or hook.

2. Air bubbles in my toilet tank

Water that comes inside the toilet tank brings air with it. Air that doesn’t get any way to escape, seen as bubbles inside the floor of the toilet tank. Thanks to the P-trap and S-trap. When the flush box fills again after flashing once, we can hear a sound as water shoots via the fill valve in to the tank.

3. The toilets drain

When any of your family members flush things down the toilet such as feminine protection items, any hardware cloth, heavy paper or cotton swabs, then it can be a cause of toilet bubbles when flushed.

4. Mainline or drain line clogs cause a toilet to gurgles

If the reason for your toilet gurgles when flushed occurs for the mainline or drain lines clogs, then you can’t fix it yourself. It’s your town’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to solve the problem. The only thing that you can do is can inform your problem to the responsible person.

5. Mainline vs drain line

Mainline is the home sewer line. This is the line that connects your home with the municipal connection or to the septic tank. Every bit of water in your house comes through this line. But the drain line doesn’t lead directly to the sewer or septic tank.

Final thoughts toilet bubbles when flushed

If you read with concentration, you will know every issue that causes toilet bubbles when flushed. We hope we did a great job to make you understand why the problem and how to solve it. You can try to solve yourself or call a plumber if the problem is a bit tough.

FAQs: How to fix toilet gurgles And bubbles when flushed.

Every day people are facing a lot of problems with their toilets and I have noticed some of the major issues in this article to give you an appropriate better answer.

Q1. Types of toilet seats: which is right for you?

You will be surprised to know how many different types of toilet seats option to pick from. You will get those with a variety of colors, shapes, weights and also materials. You can have a look in google to understand your choice and need depending on your soundproof bathroom decor.

Q2. Why does my sink gurgle when I flush the toilet?

Sink gurgling happened when air passing through the water in the trap. The water flowing in the toilet pipe makes a vacuum. The toilet and sink vent allows air to balance the pressure.

Q3. Why do I hear “gurgling” when I flush the toilet?

Though we always expect our plumbing appliance will work perfectly sometimes, it betrays. As a result, we hear the cry of a toilet. As it’s a lengthy discussion, you have to go through the points mentioned above.

Q4. What do you do if your toilet occasionally gurgles at the end of a flush?

From the above discussion, we already understand, there are plenty of things that could be the reasoning for the toilet gurgles when flushed. Before finding the reason, you can try with a plunger. This is the first thing that you can do if your toilet gurgles at the end of a flush.