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Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Hello everyone!!! Since we are undergoing this pandemic, most of us are confined inside. So, why not buy a quiet hair dryer? Correct our problems after washing our hair to maintain hair health and hygiene.

First, let’s figure out what differs between them both. You will gradually educate yourself until you reach the bottom. It is not economical but worth purchasing.

I will share a combo go through of using the best quiet hair dryer of my clients, friends, and mine. Hence, to explain to you about few quiet hairdryers available in the market, I have gathered few pieces of information.

If you have any questions regarding the best quiet hair dryers I, would be more than happy to quench all your queries.

What Is a Quiet Hair Dryer?

Quiet Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

The name quiet hair dryer reveals it all and is justified. They are less- noisy aids the environment in one way. Moreover, they are low decibels than regular hairdryers.

Maximum modern hair dryers operate at 250 decibels, sometimes more, while quiet hair dryers operate at less than 70 decibels. The electricity consumption is then definitely lesser. The best part is when you are using a quiet hair dryer, no one around you will be bothered. Do it gently!!!.

What Are the Benefits of hairdryers?

Here are some valuable benefits which I must share with you; else, it shall remain incomplete. As mentioned earlier, it functions at 250 decibels, while some of the best quality hairdryers run less than 70 decibels.

It helps to reduce minimal noise pollution. We must contribute to our Mother Nature. Moreover, it won’t disturb the person sitting next to you, even if he is in the middle of some conference call. Aren’t these benefits enough to purchase quietest hair dryers? Huh???

Are quiet hair dryers expensive?

best hair dryer
Best hair dryer

Of course, they are not cheap. But any styling tool of top quality, by definition, cannot be inexpensive. On the bright side, there are quite a few affordable, quiet hair dryers on the market. We tested the best hair dryers for thin, thick, natural, and curly hair.

Do You Need a Quiet Hair Dryer?

Well, there are in numerous reasons why one requires a quiet hairdryer? Well, let me give you a quick brief about the crucial ones. It is the most critical tool which a hairdresser has to be handy and requires.

Reduces noise pollution, helps to reduce your electricity bills. None in the room is disturbed while you are using a quiet hairdryer. You can use it in a cab too, the cabbie remains unaware, thus saving you from embarrassment.

How to Choose a Quiet Hair Dryer?


Now that everyone thinks when there is no wide variety of quiet hairdryers, how do I choose which would be better for me? Right? I will not leave you un-unanswered. As we all know, “Health is Wealth,” regular blow-dryers cause problems to your ears and make you medically unfit. Hence go through the article before learning how to choose a quiet and noise-free hair dryer. Everyone has their taste.

Everyone has their taste. There are a variety of hairdryers that comes in different shapes and sizes. There are some eye-boggling colors, and you cannot take your eyes off. Do you want to bet?


They are sleek, hence handy. One can easily park it in their purse. Now just toggle between the shopping sites and check whether the product is matching your criteria or not. Keep a count on the nozzles, the temperatures, the knobs. While purchasing, keep one thing in your mind, whether it is a quiet hair dryer – less noisy. Anything more than 80-90 decibels can be the purpose for your permanent hearing loss. Hairdryers are classified into an extremely loud category.


Check if the quiet hair dryer you are purchasing makes any changes to your hair volume or not? If it is, pick a different quiet hairdryer; else, you can take a second opinion from your regular hairdresser. Check which quiet hair dryer will give your hair a fresh and bouncy look, which everyone craves for. Great to start a sunny day!!!


Not to forget about the socket, most of the quiet hair dryers come with an uncommon plug. So call up the electrician to fix up your socket if you see it doesn’t match. Go through the reviews vigorously, else shoot a question. Will answered it. Go through the manual properly if not understood.

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Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Let’s Take a Closer Look

Here is a complete study which I have compiled from my opinion, my friends & my clients. Allow me to give you a quick review of the quiet hair dryer available on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

As an affiliate, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

# HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer
HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

The Hot Tools Signature Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer is designed with direct ionic technology, giving you shiny, healthy hair and reducing frizz. An excellent airflow of 1875 W, also has six/ speed options which allows you to get ready much quicker and flaunt your healthy hair.

It is excellent for all qualities of hair. Since it’s light-weighted, you can easily use it after a shower every day. To keep a more extended hold, set the ultra-quiet operation mode of cold burst air. It has a set of new different attachments to give your hair a unique style every day. Make your hair look different every day. Decreased wattage allows for a lower speed fan and frequency quieter operation.

It bears a soft touch. Comfort grip, causing less pain in your palms, thus making it feasible for cleaning purposes. Available in two gorgeous colors, black and golden. It dries up your hair faster than most other quick hair dryers.


  • DC motor, lightweight, auto shut-off


  • Retractable cord, available only in 2 colors, black & golden.

# KIPOZI Nano -Ionic Low Noise Blow Dryer

KIPOZI Nano -Ionic Low Noise Blow Dryer
KIPOZI Nano -Ionic Low Noise Blow Dryer

View on Amazon

The Kipozi hair dryer: Ionic Low Noise Blow Dryer runs in 1875W with two speeds. Not only that, it has 3 heat settings & cool shot buttons as well. Along with the consistent stronger airflow, it will give your hair a silky, smoothy look leaving it undamaged from the roots.

This product comes with a concentrator & diffuser. Concentrator helps you to straighten your hair, while diffuser allows you to create curls & waves. Quality is not compromised as it is ETL certified viz speed, durability.

The handle is soft, causing no pain in your soft palms. If someone has thick long hair, it is very irritating to hold the hairdryer and wait till it gets dried up. Henceforth, if you want to grab comfortable, light- weighted quietest hair dryers, then don’t think twice.


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Some speeds are 2
  • 8.2 long cord& air removable lint filter being ETL certified.


  • It is a less- noisy but not quiet hairdryer.

# T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer
T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

The T3 Fit Ionic Compact hairdryer is not pocket-friendly yet, light. It is super sleek and differs in size from an old hairdryer. Since it runs on pro-ion air technology, it dries it up faster than even one could think. Not only does

It gives a salon-finished look but is also designed with 3 heat and 2-speed knobs for the perfect combo of heat and temperature. Park it in your purse and style it in a restroom if you are going for a girl’s night out or on a date.

Another gigantic feature is that it has a long-life motor concentrator- it mainly gives your hair a naturally curly and wavy look. A 9 feet cord comes along with it. A fantastic combination of a free line and 2 years warranty compared to other T3 hair dryers.


  • Stylish, the choice for all the working ladies.
  • 9 feet long cord making it moveable.


  • Don’t carry for traveling.
  • Only one color available.

# JINRI Professional Salon Ceramic Fast Dry Blow Dryer

JINRI Professional Salon Hair Dryer
JINRI Professional Salon Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

This JNRI Professional Salon Ceramic Fast Dry Blow Dryer functions over a DC motor which is 2000W. To give your hair a perfect classy look and to add shine to it simultaneously, this is the best pick for you. 

To dry up your hair quicker yet leaving it un- damaged is the first thing that comes to our mind before purchasing any hairdryer. Right folks??? It has high voltage support, so you need not worry about damage to your electricity lines—no need to pay the electrician for any damages. 

Because of its safety and low- noise levels, it is good to use even if your one month is sleeping in the same room. It will hardly get bothered. During festive or any special occasions, wrap and parcel it to your friend and wait for their reaction. She will be overwhelmed to accept such a lovely present.


  • Safe to use.
  • The ceramic design will add a glow to your hair setting corner.


  • Electricity consumption is a bit higher.

# BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer, Blue

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer, Blue

View on Amazon

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is considered the most styling tool compared to other hairdryers available in the market. Babyliss Pro has earned its name worldwide because every manufactured tool differs from one another: be it performance or style, Babyliss has left every brand behind.

This is a common thing that most of you can see in your hair- the dresser’s palms. According to a survey conducted we have seen, most hairdressers grabs this to meet their client’s demands.

According to them, their client goes “WOOES” when it comes to Babyliss. It comes with a dual voltage; it can be folded handles. If you love traveling, this is the right pick for you. It helps us to maintain our shiny, bouncy hair all day long.


  • Best pick for hairdressers.
  • Good for travelers.
  • quality at its peak, sleek design.


  • Not pocket-friendly.
  • only blue color available.

# Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer, Blue/Black

Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer
Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

The Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Hair Dryer functions under a quiet, designed motor. This well-known Conair Hair Dryer helps you to maintain your hair volume throughout the day.

It bears excellent heat & the airflow is gentle for the roots of your hair. It has numerous functions leaving you speechless once purchased. Along with 2 heat and 2-speed settings, it also has a cool shot button essential in every hairdryer.

It makes your hair dries faster, maintaining the natural quality. You also get a concentrator free which makes your hair looks even more stylish.

Do not use a diffuser (comes along with the product) on a high heat/ speed. It might leave your hair damaged. I have warned you before; hence you cannot blame me.


  • Versatility in functions, Cool slot.
  • diffuser, concentrator, hassle-free.
  • very well-known and purchased because of its quiet nature.


  • Available only in two colors, black & blue.

# Sam Villa Blow Dryer – black, 1 ct.

Sam Villa Blow Dryer
Sam Villa Blow Dryer

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If you are looking for an excellent compact hairdryer with intense airflow &, of course, a quiet one – Sam Villa Lightweight Blow Dryer is perfect for you. It runs under 1875 Watt. The Sam Villa Blow Dryer leaves your hair feather-touched after a nice cozy hair wash, thus leaving it soft & gentle.

The body is built in ceramic & is specially designed in a tourmaline ion generator giving your hair a flawless design every day. The best thing is that it can be used by women facing the problems of coarse and frizzy hair.

If you want a healthy volume, use a concentrator nozzle (which comes with the product for free), while for curls, you can use the wide nozzle, which expands hair volume. It saves both your time & money.


  • Free concentrator & wide nozzle available.
  • Portable.
  • Ecolorconomical uses a tourmaline ion generator.


  • Choice of color is limited only to Black.

# Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer
Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer has a unique feature that can be used both by men & women. Don’t believe it..? Read the write-up thoroughly. This ultra-modern hairdryer is professional & is operated by a large number of hairdressers.

Both Ionic & Ceramics technology makes this particular product all the more unique. It is as shiny and glossy as a mirror, comes with a premium heating element & also a 9-foot cord. It too has diffusers which give your hair a perfect shine.

Flaunt your hair on a bright sunny day- let your friend envy you. It dries up the thickest hair, too, as it has 3 temperature controls& 2 airspeeds. Manufactured & styled in Italy, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 2 air concentrators see the narrow diffusers for styling, while the larger ones to brush.


  • Designed in Italy (also known as designers paradise), no compromise with quality.
  • lifetime warranty.


  • Only white color available.

# Andis 30975 1600-Watt Quiet Turbo Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer

Andis 30975 1600-Watt QuietTurbo Wall Mounted HangUp Hair Dryer
Andis 30975 1600-Watt QuietTurbo Wall Mounted HangUp Hair Dryer

View on Amazon

The Andis 30975 Hair Dryer completely justifies its name. It runs under1600 Watt. You can mount it on a wall, saving space for your dresser & it bears a Led light too. The magnificent feature is that it comes with lifetime shock protection- now no need to keep it out of your children’s reach.

There is 3 position switch along with 2 heat/ air settings. The LED light is durable- hence there is no hassle of changing lights. It is economical and can be used by all section of ladies who needs an excellent quiet hairdryer.

The product comes with a quiet, life-long motor. The light attached provides enough visibility, so no other lights are required even if the room is dark. Even the night light is economical & does not consume much electricity.


  • Lifeline shock protection.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • saves space, economical.


  • Only available in white color.

# Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer
Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer

View on Amazon

The Panasonic EH-NA65K Nanoe Dryer features 2 hairdryers at the same time- both high & low: in addition to it, it also has all 3 settings required to make a hairdryer perfect in all ways- hot, warm & cool. It also bears a cool-shot button and can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Nanoe Ionic Technology makes your job faster, unlike other hairdryers available in the market. It automatically draws moisture from the air and converts it into Nano-sized particles.

The fantastic feature that you will get along with this product is that it not only contains one professional hairdryer like regular ones- but 3. I am pretty sure that you are convinced of the results by now- finally, you will get bouncy, silky, shiny hair.


  • The capability of rotating till 360 degrees,
  • Attracts moisture from the air,
  • Both Diffuser & Concentrator is available along with this product for free.


  • Suitable only for dried hair,
  •  only black color is available.

# Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer
Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

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Revlon lightweight quiet hair dryer:  The Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer comes with an air outlet to quickly style your hair. It has a cold shot button which I think should be present in all quietest hair dryers for satisfactory results. You can use it either for styling or for brushing as it comes with a dual-speed.

The best hair dryer comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, but this one’s concentrator makes your hair much more smoothening. The diffuser, too, has an exciting feature that helps you increase the volume of your hair, not looking artificial at all.

There are some more features to add, and you get sectioning clips that help you style your hair quickly. The ceramic tourmaline heating technology leaves your hair conditioned and gives your hair a smooth feeling, reducing frizz and dull hair.

If you are going for a special occasion and over-style your hair, it won’t create any damage as it comes with Triple Ceramic Coating. Last but not least, the Infrared Heat Technology makes it different from other hair dryers. It helps to maintain the balance of the hair by creating the heating effect from both sides.


  • Infrared Heat Technology.
  • Sectional clips.
  • 3x Ceramics Coating.


  • You cant use it everywhere unless you get the right plug point.

# Hair Dryer, Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

Ionic Blow Dryer
Professional Ionic Blow Dryer, Salon 2200 watt Ceramic Tourmaline Quiet Hairdryer

View on Amazon

You will be amazed to know that this blow dryer is absolutely amazing !! Replacing it in such a way that your hair dries quickly. It makes your hair smooth and shiny dry and dull. It also has three heat settings, including a cooling button and two wind speeds. Our Pro Blow Dryer is developed by many engineers and is unanimously recommended by hairstylists.

It comes on the market with attractive styling which is the most upgraded 2200W extended DC motor known for being more powerful for ultra-fast drying. This hair dryer with the silky-touch body, user-friendly curved handle reduces fatigue, double-protection removable filler for easy cleaning. , Calm and comfortable user experience.

One thing you can do to make it even better is to create a dual voltage on it so that you can travel with it. Your waist-long hair and my hair take 10 minutes to dry completely. Buy it, I promise you won’t be sorry!


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Attractive stylish.
  • Very durable.


  • It is 125v single, not double volt.

Final Thoughts on Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Like all other electrical appliances that are a must use for every domestic household viz- washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, hairdryers are one of them. They being the loudest of all appliances hence, should be changed immediately.

I would suggest the best quiet hair dryer because of various reasons. First, a calm hair dryer will help us to reduce hair dryer noise levels. Secondly, all hair dryers (excluding the quiet ones) are above 60 decibels, creating trouble in hearing.

Lastly, people around you won’t be bothered if you are using a quiet hairdryer. If we look into the consequences seriously, we can conclude that a quiet hairdryer is a worthy purchase.

Quiet Hair Dryer: Q & A

1. What is tourmaline technology?

Tourmaline technology somewhat looks like a crystalline substance that we get from the earth’s surface. The tourmaline technology converts all negatively charged ions into positive ones, leaving your hair silky and bouncy.

2. Are quiet hair dryers expensive?

Quiet hair dryers are in comparison to other hair dryers expensive. They come with diffusers and concentrators, which are a big buy. The low noise-making the motor is costly as well. Well, if you want a quiet hair dryer- remedies to all your problems you have to pay a nice sum.

3. How to use attachments? What are they for?

To use attachments is a cakewalk. Just decide whether you want your hair curly or straighten use those attachments accordingly. The attachments are used to create new styles each day. The concentrator, diffuser, other nozzles have their functions.

4.How to reduce the hearing damage caused by loud blow dryers?

There are no alternatives when it comes to reducing the sound of regular hair dryers. Instead, Stop using them. Best solution- I can provide you with. Buy a quiet hair dryer that will help you to prevent ear damage as it does not produce any sounds.

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